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Monster Legacy moving out

Dear readers,

Back when I first conceived this blog, I decided to host it on Blogspot due to lack of better knowledge on the matter. It all worked smoothly at first; but as the blog got more complex, glitches and bugs began to arise -- coming to a point where even writing and editing posts posed a considerable number of issues.

For this very reason, Monster Legacy is soon going to move on another server -- WordPress, as it was very positively suggested to me.

You do not have to worry for the articles or the image galleries: every important post here will be transferred to the new blog, in what will be a better format and view.

It would be pointless to repost there old news. As such, this blogspot address will keep all the news about dvd and blu-ray releases and upcoming films. The new blog will only feature news published since its creation date.

When all the articles and galleries are transferred, I will leave here a final post featuring a link to the new address.

As always, stay tuned.


Request: Monster Pictures I

A week or so ago I received a mail, which requested me to post pictures of the monsters from certain films.

I unfortunately could not find pictures from all the requested films (not yet), but in the meantime here are some images that will certainly come in handy:

Titan Find (1985)
This is the small scale maquette, which estabilished the look for the Monster -- which would have only minor modifications. It was built by Michael McCracken's team.

Deep Space (1988)

Dow Albon, Steve Patino and Greg Stone directed the team that built the Monster.

Hope those are useful!

If you want me to post behind the scenes pictures from specific films, you can e-mail me at or . If I indeed have pictures I will post them away.

Goodbye to the Great Raymond Cusick

Raymond Cusick, the designer of the original Daleks, has passed away aged 84 of heart failure on February the 21st. Nearly 50 years ago, he found the iconic shape for Terry Nation's villains, the Daleks -- which made their first appearence in the very second episode of the long-spanning series, and are still the most memorable villains in Doctor Who.

So long, Raymond. Thanks for your amazing work.

Werewolf Restoration... II!

Remember the Underworld Werewolf under restoration? Tom Spina released another picture...

Vermithrax restored!

The life-size Vermithrax head prop from DragonSlayer has been restored by Tom Spina designs:

You can find more images over at Tom Spina's page.

Pacific Rim Art Book available for pre-order

In case you wondered what to ask as a present, here is an idea for you...

ComicBookMovie reports that Legendary Pictures has announced that the book is available for pre-order. Written by David S. Cohen and published by Insight Editions, the 156 page tie-in book "chronicles the production of the film with stunning concept art, captivating photography, and cast and crew descriptions of the shoot."

Its date of release is currently set for June the 11th, about a month before the release of Pacific Rim.