Request: Monster Pictures I

A week or so ago I received a mail, which requested me to post pictures of the monsters from certain films.

I unfortunately could not find pictures from all the requested films (not yet), but in the meantime here are some images that will certainly come in handy:

Titan Find (1985)
This is the small scale maquette, which estabilished the look for the Monster -- which would have only minor modifications. It was built by Michael McCracken's team.

Deep Space (1988)

Dow Albon, Steve Patino and Greg Stone directed the team that built the Monster.

Hope those are useful!

If you want me to post behind the scenes pictures from specific films, you can e-mail me at or . If I indeed have pictures I will post them away.


  1. I remember both of these films from the 80s, during the VHS rental craze. Both were low-budget Alien ripoffs, but the creatures are cool to look at anyway.

  2. It was sirious fx that was contacted on this project that was headed by Steve Neil.and he employed the others

  3. Really, that was a great movie if we compare it with latest movies in term of budget and technology.

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