Monster Legacy moving out

Dear readers,

Back when I first conceived this blog, I decided to host it on Blogspot due to lack of better knowledge on the matter. It all worked smoothly at first; but as the blog got more complex, glitches and bugs began to arise -- coming to a point where even writing and editing posts posed a considerable number of issues.

For this very reason, Monster Legacy is soon going to move on another server -- WordPress, as it was very positively suggested to me.

You do not have to worry for the articles or the image galleries: every important post here will be transferred to the new blog, in what will be a better format and view.

It would be pointless to repost there old news. As such, this blogspot address will keep all the news about dvd and blu-ray releases and upcoming films. The new blog will only feature news published since its creation date.

When all the articles and galleries are transferred, I will leave here a final post featuring a link to the new address.

As always, stay tuned.



  1. Can't wait to see your new blog

    1. Discipula. Nice nickname. Latin?

      And yes, I am already moving my articles to the other address... should finish soon.