New 'The Host 2' Footage at last!

Fans of the Korean Monster film The Host might all remember the above image, which was first seen two years ago. It was the first glimpse of the sequel, which otherwise was shrouded in mistery (excluding mentions of it supposedly being a prequel). After this single frame, news about the production quickly faded away... until now. The first actual footage from the film was uploaded just yesterday. You can see the clip (which is followed by a visual breakdown of the shots) below:

Gwoemul returns, but to bring the fearsome mutant fish to the screen, The Orphanage -- which provided the digital effects for the first film -- passes the torch to Macrograph (Soar Into the Sun, A Chinese Ghost Story), a korean CGI company.

There are so far no news on the release date of The Host 2 -- but we all hope not to wait too long, do we not?

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