Will Smith on Men in Black III!

The latest-released poster for Men in Black III

Yahoo Movies released a small but interesting interview with WIll Smith about the upcoming Men in Black III:

Will, it's been quite a while since the last MIB and you have performed in a number of diverse films since. How difficult has it been getting back into the agent J role after so long?
Will Smith: Not difficult at all! After you play a character twice, it's almost like riding a bike. A pretty black bike.

Will, If you could travel back in time, which era would you visit and why?
WS: Ancient Egypt — so I could prove that aliens didn't build the pyramids!

Where are the "women in black"?
WS: You gotta see the movie! There are some very prominent Women in Black... and they look hot, too.

Did you suggest having a younger Will Smith like Tommy's character in this film? Why or why not?
WS: I could answer that question... but then I would be forced to neuralyze you.

How do you feel about MIB coming out in 3D?
WS: I just saw it in 3D -- and it looks INSANE. It's the type of movie that is just supposed to be in 3D. Makes me want to go back and do the other two in 3D!

What are we going to see in the third installment that we haven't seen in the first two?
WS: This movie has not only aliens, but time travel -- so it sets the movie in a time and place that gives it a whole new look and feel and brand-new situations that are so much funnier because of the time period. I really believe this is the best of the three.

How does it feel getting back in those sunglasses and suit again?
WS: I was really surprised that, after all these years, I STILL make this look good!

What's your favorite part about being in the MIB movies?
WS: I love that "Men in Black" is not like any other kind of movie. There's no other film I've ever seen that reminds me of "Men in Black." "Men in Black" is very special and unique, and I think it will go down in cinematic history.

Men in Black III will be released in the U.S.A. the 25th of May!

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