Gamera: The Blu-Ray Trilogy

The 27th of September reveals itself to be a monstrous day; The Mimic Blu-Ray will be accompanied by the much waited Heisei Gamera trilogy, which is gonna blast on Blu-Ray the same day! If you didn't buy the previous Double Feature with the first two movies you're gonna be relieved.

The extras for each film will be --

Gamera: Guardian of the Universe
-Behind the Scenes Featurette;
-Camera Test;
-Special Effects Featurette

Gamera 2: Advent of Legion
-Uncut version of the ‘The Salvo’ Scene;
-Behind the Scenes of the Kasuminome Airfield Scene;
-Miki Mizuno’s First Experience;
-The Subway Jerks to a Halt;
-The Police Block Off Odori Station;
-Identifying the Crater;
-Impressive Scream;
-Jumping Off a Jeep;
-On-Set in a Subway Tunnel;
-Shooting Groups of Legions;
-Safety First;
-How to Wear a Small Legion Suit;
-For Yukino’s Fans;
-Creating the Costume for Legion;
-Legion with Damage;
-Civilian Houses Blasted;
-Explosion Shots in Kasuminome;
-Special Effect explosions;
-Gamera Puppet Special Effects;
-Gamera Can Fly;

Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris (or Incomplete Struggle)
-Deleted Scenes;
-Camera Test & Special Effects;
-Creating the Monsters;
-The Awakening of Iris Remix;
-Theatrical Trailers.

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